Sansa Fuze - Video, Photo, Playlist

December 1, 2010

SanDisk® Sansa® Fuze™ MP3 Player

Expand your enjoyment of the Sansa Fuze. With the built-in memory card slot, simply pop in a SanDisk® microSD /microSDHC card** (the same tiny card that adds storage to many standard cell phones) to expand the storage space for your library - just load up a card with your favorite tunes, audio books, podcasts-and you're good to go.
Or, select a pre-loaded slotRadio card**. 1000 songs. Zero downloads. Listen to 1,000 premium, full-length songs instantly with nothing to download, copy or manage. Simply insert a slotRadio card** and enjoy handcrafted playlists to fit your style, mood or activities.
**Card(s) sold separately


A tool to make easier putting videos on the fuze without Sansa Media Converter

video4fuze is a handy application that will enable you to convert your videos, photos and playlists so they can be easily uploaded to your Sansa Fuze.
Video4Fuze Will Help you to convert all video to the format SANSA wil play and it also makes the Photos and play list for the FUZE
Download  Here OR  Here


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